How to Activate and Deactivate Hello Tunes Service on Airtel (2020)

Activate/Deactivate Hello Tunes Service on Airtel

Airtel Hello Tune service allows subscribers to set their favorite song as their hello tune. With this service, you can set popular tunes or the latest songs as your caller tune on your airtel mobile number.

Activate Airtel’s Hello tune and replace that old boring ‘Tring Tring’ tune. Greet Your Callers with your caller tune.

Now you can set different Hello Tunes for different callers. Play different hello tune for business associates, parents, friends, You Just need to activate the Airtel Hello tune service.

Airtel Caller Tune will Charge you around Rs. 30 – 40 for 30 days.

There are many ways to activate the hello tune service on airtel. You can use any method to activate the service

Follow these steps to Activate/Deactivate Hello Tunes On Airtel.

To Activate Hello Tune on Airtel Number, Call 543215 and just say the name of the song or movie name to search your favorite Hello Tune.

First, you need to choose the language for songs.

  1. Like, If you are looking for English Songs then just say English
  2. After choosing the language, say the name of the song, album, movie, etc, and search it.
  3. Then System will play all the songs that found one by one. Then choose the song you want to set as your Hello Tune.

Once you selected the song then hello tune service will be activated instantly

How to Activate Hello Tune on Airtel number with USSD?

To Activate Airtel Caller Tune with USSD Code dial *678# and press call button, and wait for Flash Alert. Now there will be a list of popular songs or you can use the search function to search your song and select it.

Now the selected song will be your caller tune and you will get an SMS about your caller tune activation and next renewal date.

How To De-Activate Airtel Hello Tune with SMS?

To Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune,

  • Open Messages.
  • And Type “STOP” and send it to 543211.

Once you sent the message, Airtel Caller tune service will be deactivated with in some time.

How To Activate Airtel Hello Tune with Airtel Thanks App?

  • Download and Install Airtel Thanks App (Playstore | Appstore)
  • Open the app and click on Options, and from the left menu, select “Hello Tune”.
  • Now search for your favorite song that you want to select as your Hello Tune.
  • Confirm your Hello Tune subscription on the Airtel Thanks app. Enjoy.

Terms And Conditions.

Who Is Eligible For Airtel Caller Tune?

The Airtel Caller tune Service is available for both Prepaid and Postpaid Airtel customers.

Is Airtel Caller Tune Service Available for Diverted calls?

No, Airtel Caller Tune Service is not valid for diverted calls and secondary lines for subscribers with dual SIM cards.

How to Request for the Caller tune Service?

Use the Voice Search or USSD Code and browse the catalog then select the tunes you would like to subscribe to. 

Is Airtel Caller Tune is Free?

No, Airtel Caller tune is not free you need to pay around Rs. 30 – 40 Per Month.

Can I Gift Caller Tune to Another User?

Yes, You can gift a caller tune that you have subscribed to another Airtel subscriber as a gift. But you have to pay Rs. 15 for the tune if he is a hello tune subscriber. Or Else you will be charged Rs. 45 first time. On next renewal, the receiver of the gift will be charged for caller tune.

How To Renew Airtel Caller Tune?

All Airtel caller tune will be renewed automatically on the 30th day. You will get a reminder SMS on the 28th day and auto-renewal will be done on the 30th day.

How To Unsubscribe The Airtel Caller Tune?

You can send sms to deactivate caller tune. SMS “STOP” to 121. You would receive a list of services you have subscriptions to select caller tune and unsubscribe it.

For More Details Call Airtel Customer Care (Toll-Free) or Visit Online Help Portal.

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