How To Activate DND Service in Vodafone (Updated Method)

DND (Do Not Disturb) is a way to block unwanted calls and messages from telecom companies. If you activate the DND service on your Vodafone number, then you will not get telemarketing calls and SMS on your
number. DND will block all calls and messages from “140” series numbers

How To Activate DND on Vodafone Prepaid

There are 3 ways to activate DND Service in Vodafone,

  • SMS
  • Call
  • Online

I will explain the steps to activate DND on Vodafone for each option. Actually, the process is the same for every operator.

How To Activate DND on Vodafone by SMS

To activate the DND service via SMS, you need to select a category by number. To get category number Open Messages and type

  • Type “HELP DND” send it to 1909.

After sending SMS, you will receive a message from 1909 with categories numbers. I will also list all categories here

  • (1) Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards.
  • (2) Real Estate.
  • (3) Education.
  • (4) Health.
  • (5) Consumer goods and automobiles.
  • (6) Airtel Products & Services/Communication/Broadcasting/ Entertainment/IT.
  • (7) Tourism and Leisure.
  • (0) Fully Blocked.

You can block all Promotional Calls and SMS, or either you can set preference. Just need to select a category by number.

Eg. To fully block all promotional calls and sms,

  • Open Messages.
  • Type “START 0” send it to 1909.

How To Activate DND on Vodafone by Call

To activate DND via Call.

  • Dial 1909..
  • Follow the IVR Instructions.

Here also you need to select a category by its number. Once you send a request to activate DND, it will be activated within 7 days.

How To Activate DND on Vodafone Online

This is the best way to activate Do Not Disturb Service on Vodafone.

To Activate DND online on Vodafone Number,

  • Visit Vodafone DND Page.
  • Enter Your Mobile Number.
  • Follow the steps that will appear
  • Thats it

Note: As I said earlier To Fully Activate DND Service on your number it will take up to 7 days.

If You have any problem relayed to Vodafone DND, then you can contact Vodafone Customer Care or Visit Vodafone Online Help Portal.

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