Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code [Send Unlimited SMS For 12 Days]

If you are an Airtel user and want to send unlimited SMS at cheap prices, then Airtel’s 5 Rs SMS pack is perfect. But activating this offer is difficult, and to activate this, you need to use the Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code. This code will activate the SMS pack at only 5 Rs.

What is the Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code?

Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack code is a Number by which you can activate SMS Pack on your Airtel number only at 5 Rs. So if you are facing any problems and don’t have money to send SMS, then this SMS pack code is for you. It gives significant benefits only at 5 Rs. This plan expires 12 days after activation.

How to activate Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack?

To activate Airtel’s 5 Rs SMS Pack, follow these steps, which we have provided below here.

  • Open the Phone app and dial *121# and Press the Call Button.
  • A Small Window will open on your screen.
  • Press 1 and click on the send button.
  • Next, press 7 and click send button again.
  • Another Small Window will appear on your screen. Press 4 and send again.
  • Now you will see your Airtel SMS Packs.

You will receive a message when Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack is activated, including the service expiration date.

How to activate Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Online?

To activate this plan online, visit Airtel’s official website or install the Airtel thanks App. once you are there, follow these steps:

  • Open Airtel Thanks App.
  • Select Recharge from bottom left.
  • Next, Choose Prepaid and enter your Airtel number
  • Now Goto other packs and select Rs 5 Pack.
  • Now choose the Airtel Money or credit card as payment method.
  • Now press recharge and wait for some time.

You’ll get a confirmation message when Airtel 5 Rs Pack is activated. Then a confirmation message will have a service expiration date.

Why Should You Choose The Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack?

Because Airtel 5 Rs pack is the cheapest SMS pack among all Airtel SMS packs, it is also cheaper than other telecom service providers’ SMS packs. This pack is useful if you need an SMS pack on your Airtel number for a limited time.

Should You Need Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack?

Nowadays, everyone uses WhatsApp and other messaging apps, and SMS is getting less popular. I will help you decide if you need an Airtel 5 Rs SMS pack or not. See if you have so many unread SMS, and are you ignoring them? Ask yourself, and the truth is that today most of the SMS are ignored by actual people.

So I suggest that you not buy any SMS Plans on top of your monthly recharge.

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Is There Any Terms Conditions With Airtel 5 Rs SMS Pack Code?

There are some terms which you need to follow.

  • You can only activate this pack if there are no existing Airtel SMS pack activated on your number.
  • You can only send SMS to a network provider in India country only.
  • You can only recharge this SMS Pack only on any Airtel mobile number.
  • This pack can be activated on both prepaid users and postpaid users on same price.
  • This SMS pack will automatically renew with your Airtel Balance after expiration.

Can You Send SMS In Airtel 79 Plan?

Yes, Airtel users can send 100 SMS free in the 79 Rs plan, including 72 Rs in the Talktime on your Airtel number. Talktime balance can be used to call anyone you want.

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