How to Get Airtel Data Coupon Code For Free in 2022

Airtel has been providing coupon codes for years, but how to redeem them on Airtel’s mobile number? Airtel India has partnered with PepsiCo India to give data coupon codes.

There are many types of data coupon codes. Some provide 1GB of data and some 2GB to 3GB. This depends on PepsiCo India products. If you buy Rs 10 Lay’s pack, you will get a 1GB data coupon code, and if you go with 20 or 30 RS packets, you can get a coupon code of 3GB.

To get an Airtel Data Coupon Code, you need to buy a Pepsico India product like Lay’s, Kurkure, Doritos, or Uncle Chipps. Next, check the 12-Digit Free data coupon code printed inside the snack pack. Now go to the Airtel Thanks app and redeem it. The data will remain available for three days in your Airtel account.

What is Airtel Data Coupon Code?

In 2020, Airtel India partnered with PepsiCo India under brands like Kurkure and Lay’s, etc., to offer Airtel Internet data coupon codes. A 12-digit data coupon code is printed inside every pack of these products. These codes will have Airtel Data redeemed as 4G data.

Who Can Get Airtel Data Coupon Code?

Anyone can get Airtel data coupon codes. You just have purchased those products that have coupon codes. Once you get them, then redeem them. Once you do, you will see the new data plan on your number.

How Can I get an Airtel Data Coupon code?

Purchase Pepsico products like Lays, Pepsi, Kurkure, etc. These products will have the data coupon codes printed on the backside. Brands like Lay’s, Kurkure, Doritos, and Uncle Chipps have promo codes inside the pack. And soft drinks like Pepsi, Fanta, Montendew, etc., have promo codes behind the wrapper.

How To Use Airtel Thanks App to Claim the Coupon Code?

It’s easy to redeem a coupon code in Airtel Thanks App and download the Airtel thanks app from the Playstore or App store. Next, go through the following steps: 

  • Open Airtel Thanks App.
  • Now sign up with your Airtel mobile number and create an account on the app.
  • After successful sign-up, login to the Airtel thanks app.
  • After this, go to My Coupon option and click on “Have a Coupon code.”
  • Next, click on Claim.

After following the simple steps, you will get the benefits of the coupon. Do note that these coupons will expire someday. So, claim these coupon codes before it expires and take advantage of the coupons.

Is Airtel Giving Coupon Code to Get Internet Data for Free?

These days are competitive days for telecommunication networks in India. After Reliance Jio has launched in India and started giving 4G data for free, every network company had to keep their customers with them.

So they started giving many offers to keep their existing customer and attract new customers. Airtel has started giving Coupon codes to get internet for free.

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How Can I Get 2GB Data Free In Airtel?

To get 2GB Airtel Free Internet data, you must purchase PepsiCo products for 20 Rs. Those 20 Rs products will have a 2GB Airtel 4G data plan. Next, redeem it after you successfully redeemed the promo code. Your benefits will be applied instantly.

How Can I Get 3GB Data Free In Airtel?

Buy any PepsiCo products of 30 Rs or more, and they will have a promo code that will give you 3GB of data after you redeem it. 

Is It Safe To Use Airtel Free Data Coupon Code?

Airtel India provides these codes, and it’s safe to use them on your Airtel mobile number. Just don’t try the coupon codes that are expired or already, or else you will not allow redeeming any other code for the next 24hrs.

Is It worth buying Pepsico products for Airtel Free Data?

Yes, it’s worth buying those products. 10 Rs lays chips packet has 1GB data. This 1GB data plan costs 9 Rs. Similarly, any product of 20 Rs has 2GB of data, and a 2GB data plan costs 19 Rs. So don’t think twice about purchasing these offer packs. It’s a total Paisa Vasool Deal!

How many times can I redeem coupon codes?

It depends on offers. In Pepsico India’s Offer, you can claim and redeem up to 3 Coupon codes on an Airtel number, and This Pepsico India offer will expire on 31st March 2022, so claim and redeem it before it expires.

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