How To Get PUK Code of Indian SIM Cards | All PUK Codes

Get PUK Code of All Indian SIM Cards

PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is an 8 digits code PUK code is used to reset a (PIN) that has been lost or forgotten. Smart Phones offer a feature of PIN protection. If the PIN security is active, then you need to enter a 4-8 digits PIN to enable the phone’s non-emergency calling functions.

If you entered the wrong PIN more than three times then either your device or your sim card or in some cases both will be locked immediately.

So to unlock your SIM Card you need a PUK Code. PUK Codes are provided by your mobile network providers after their verifications, Actually its a security feature of every SIM Card.

If you are facing a PUK Code problem then here are the steps to get all Indian mobile network provider’s PUK codes.

1. How To Get PUK Code For Airtel

If your Airtel SIM Card is locked and asking for PUK Code then you need to enter the PUK code to unlock your Airtel SIM Card. So How you can get the Airtel PUK Code?

Well, There are several ways to get Airtel PUK Code.

  • Call Customer Care And Verify your ownership. Once you verified all the details then the Customer Care Representative will give you the PUK code.
  • Call 121 / 111 or 198.

2nd option is to do this at your end. You need to Download and Install Airtel Thanks App.

  • Download and Install Airtel Thanks App (Play Store / App Store)
  • Sign in to you your account and follow these steps to get PUK Code for Airtel.
  1. On Home Screen, Select More.
  2. Then Find the Help & Support
  3. Next Select Others option.
  4. Now Select “I Want To Know My PUK Number” Option
  5. At Last, Confirm to know your PUK number.

You will get your Airtel PUK Code in the Airtel App…

2. How To Get PUK Code For Jio

If your Jio SIM Card is locked and asking for PUK Code then the best option is to contact Jio customer care. They will provide the PUK Code after you verify your ownership.

  • Call 18008899999
  • Now Follow the IVR.
  • Now Select 6th option ‘Unblock PUK code’ (In my circle the 6th option is to Unblock PUK code)
  • Now verify your details to know your Jio SIM PUK code.

Alternately, you can call Jio customer care executive in the live chat to unlock your PUK code.

3. How To Get PUK Code For IDEA

To get PUK Code on IDEA SIM Card use USSD Code, (Its the best and fastest way)

  • Dial *121*4*1*13#
  • Press Call Button
  • Now Follow the Flash Alert Instructions (Message Window)

And like other mobile network providers, you can also call IDEA Customer Care, they will give you PUK Code for your sim card.

If IDEA SIM’s calling feature is disabled then You can use any network (SIM) to call IDEA Customer Care. Dial 040 – 66652000

4. How To Get PUK Code For Vodafone

Vodafone subscribers can use USSD Code. (Its best the way)

  • Dial *111*3*8#
  • Press Call Button
  • Your PUK Code will be displayed in a Flash Alert (Alert Message)

You can also use IVR to get Vodafone PUK Code.

  • Call 199.
  • Select “Unblock PUK Code“.
  • Follow the IVR Instructions.

If there is any problem then contact vodafone customer care from any other network.

5. How To Get PUK Code For BSNL

BSNL have a helpline for PUK Code, (Its easy to get PUK Code for BSNL SIM)

  • Dial 9415024365
  • You will get your BSNL SIM PUK Code.

Or you can call BSNL Customer Care from another BSNL Mobile Number.

If You Have Any Problem Related to PUK Code on Any Indian Network then Comment Bellow

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