How To Get Idea 3G/4G Internet Settings | Idea APN Settings | Idea GPRS Settings

Idea GPRS Settings

GPRS, or General Packet Radio Service, is the mobile data that a 2G/3G or 4G phone uses to access the internet.

Nowadays the internet is very important for every smartphone user. Using Idea SIM you can access high-speed internet. Idea offers 2G/3G/4G services, Most of the Idea subscribers use 4G service because they offer a good 4G network.

If you are using Idea SIM and facing problems related to 3G/4G internet or SMS/MMS services, then first you need to check your internet settings.

Settings >> Connections >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names

Now check the selected/current Access Point and open that setting profile now check the internet settings. Also, MMS settings should be there, check that too. especially check the APN.

If APN is not pointed to Idea’s APN then your internet will not work, and you need to install Internet settings

You need to install Idea 3G/4G Internet Settings on your phone

Idea offers three ways to get GPRS, 3G/4G Internet Settings,

  1. SMS
  2. USSD Code
  3. Request Online

How to Get Idea GPRS Setting via SMS

To get Idea GPRS internet setting by sending an SMS.

  • Type “SET” and send it to 54671 (Toll Free)

You Will Receive GPRS and MMS Settings with in some time. Once you received the settings then just install it, and now your internet should start working.

How to Get Idea GPRS Setting via USSD Code

To get Idea GPRS internet setting with USSD Code,

  • Dial *121*4*15*1*1*1# and Press Call Button

You Will Receive GPRS and MMS Settings with in 2 – 5 mins. Just install that idea settings on your phone.

Alternately you can also request GPRS Settings online. Visit Idea GPRS Request Online Page and enter your mobile number there. You will receive settings via SMS on your Idea Number. Then save that settings.

Configure Idea APN Settings For 2G/3G/4G

APN (Access Point Name) is used to configure the Idea’s Internet settings. If you miss a single dot in the APN, then you won’t able to connect to the internet. So APN is important.

Below, we have shared Idea Internet settings, Idea MMS APN settings, Idea Live, and Idea SMS/MMS APN Settings. You can follow this step to configure the Idea APN setting for internet access.

  • Go to Mobile Settings and Open Connections.
  • Now Go to Mobile Networks.
  • Next, Go to Access Point Names (APN) and create a new APN.
  • Below is the Idea network APN settings.
Settings NameValues
APNimis or internet
Access Number*99# or *99***#
Authentication TypeNormal or None
ProxyYes / Proxy
Proxy address10.4.42.45

Now save all these settings and Reboot your phone and now you’ll be able to connect to the internet.

If You Need More Details Than Call Idea Customer Care or Visit Their Online Help Portal

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