How To Get Last 10 Call Details in Airtel: Easy Steps

Airtel Last 10 Call Details

Many people have been asking this question, but it is not too difficult to get details of your last calls, especially not in Airtel, even if you are a postpaid user. In this blog post, we will discuss three different methods that you can use to collect your last 10 call details.

The best method to get your airtel last 10 call details involves using an app on your phone called Airtel Thanks. This app shows you all of the incomimg and outgoing calls made from your number over a period of time that you specify (usually up to 7 days).

How to Check Your Airtel Last 10 Call Details with Airtel Thanks App?

  1. Download and Install Airtel Thanks App (Playstore | Appstore).
  2. Log in to your Account, or if you don’t have it, then create an account, fill in the required details, and press the Signup button.
  3. Open the app and click on More, and click on My Airtel.
  4. Next, there will be a list of services.
  5. Find the Calls History Option there (usually 2nd option), now click on it.

You can also sort your call history list in a range of times and call’s duration.

How to Check Your Airtel Last 10 Call Details with USSD Code?

The second method to get your call history data is the USSD code. It is beneficial if you don’t have an internet connection, you need to dial a USSD code, and you will get your last 10 call details.

  1. Open the Dailpad of your mobile phone.
  2. Now dial *121*11*0* and press the call button,
  3. Next, Select the Account Info option and then choose More, then select Call History. That’s it! You should see your last 10 call details.

Note: USSD codes keep changing from time to time, so there is a slight chance that this may not work due to outdated code, but you can always get all USSD details of your Airtel sim by dialing *121#.

How to Check Your Airtel Last 10 Call Details with Airtel Website?

This is also a good method for getting the last 10 call details in airtel, and you can get the details of your last calls from the official website of Airtel.

  1. Visit (Use Chrome for a better experience)
  2. Login to your account with your mobile and password. If you didn’t have a password, then use OTP to log in.
  3. After successful login, select the More option from the left side menu bar, then select Call history.

Did you know you can now activate missed call alert service on airtel for free, without monthly recurring charges? Follow this post Airtel MCA Activation, for more information.

How can you get the deleted call history from an Airtel mobile?

Airtel Last 10 Call Details

Once I faced the same issue, my mobile phone had stuck in a boot loop, and I had to visit the service center to fix it. To fix my phone, I had to reinstall the fresh android OS on my phone. This had wiped all my phone data, including my last call logs.

I did some research and found some ways to get my last call details back.

If the call history is deleted from your mobile phone, you can use Airtel Thanks App or USSD code to get limited data of your call history. If you need more data, you can contact airtel customer care by dialing 198 from your airtel mobile.

Tell them to give your Incoming call details and outgoing call details. They will confirm your identity and will give the details of your last calls.

Is it Possible to Get the Call History of Any Airtel Number?

No, it’s not possible to get the call history of any Airtel number. You can only get your airtel sim card’s data, like your incoming and outgoing call logs, balance info, last recharges details, internet usage details, SMS details, etc., by calling Airtel customer care. They will only give you the data that belongs to you.

Also, Check Out All Airtel USSD Codes (2020). Here I have listed all Airtel USSD Codes with their USSD detail, and I keep updating this list with new and working USSD Codes.

Conclusion: How to get your last 10 call details?

Above I have shared all the available methods in step by step guide to get your last call details in airtel. I hope it will help you.

Tip: Always take backup of your data. You will be able to get back your lost data if you take backup, including your call history.

If you are still having problems getting your call details in airtel, then contact their customer support by dialing 198 on your airtel phone. All their agents are trained to offer helpful solutions which can solve most of your queries in just minutes. You can also chat with them online if you don’t want to make a phone call

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